Spiritual Medium Carin Anderson

As featured on the all New Sensing Murder!

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Carin has been featured in a number of productions including 20/20

20/20 features "Dan's Story" in the video above, along with Carin investigating Spirit in two properties.

I first came across Carin Anderson's name while scrolling through a list given by radio host Jay Jay Harvey. Read more here...

Spiritual Medium Carin Anderson

Providing You and Your Loved ones with the Best Pyschic and Clairvoyant Readings.

Spirtual Medium Carin Anderson does Live On-Air Readings for Listeners Around NZ on George FM Breakfast

Welcome to NZ Medium

My name is Carin Anderson and I am a Spiritual Medium

Often people find my site by looking for a Psychic, or Clairvoyant, without realising that a Medium is really what they are looking for.

So what is the difference between a Psychic, Clairvoyant and a Medium?

A Psychic is the term normally used to describe anyone who works in the paranormal. We all know that our five main senses are, sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, however there is another sense, which is known as our sixth sense. This can be referred to as psychic ability, but is normally known as our intuition, or gut feeling. We all get these feelings, so everyone has a certain amount of psychic ability, whereas a Medium has fine tuned their extrasensory perceptions to allow them to interface with Spirit in another dimension.

A Clairvoyant sees pictures, images or visions, that are not visible to the naked eye, which flash into their mind. These images could include objects, colours, symbols, scenes, people, or spirits.

A Medium is able to communicate to Spirit by becoming receptive to the higher frequencies, and energies, on which they may vibrate, as well as feel and hear voice, or mental impressions from their world. Rather than use the logical or rational part of the mind a Medium will use the intuitive part of their mind, they will receive information through strong feelings, and emotions from Spirit.

The skills to be a Medium can take many years to develop, and Carin Anderson has a naturally born gift,  she has had all her life. Carin has helped people  in contacting the spirit world and is widely recognized for her friendly and honest approach when connecting with those who have passed over to the, allowing her to bring a new spiritual awareness to many.

The information that Carin Anderson has been able to provide for those who have been seeking answers to unexplained questions, that have needed to be answered through psychic, clairvoyant, or medium guidance, has been invaluable. Through her guidance, whether it be an onlineprivate, groups or through her spiritual health chartsproperty cleansing and finding missing persons, Carin Anderson has given  guidance, and comfort to many.

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