Carin has received much praise from overseas and in New Zealand
for her spiritual medium readings



“Carin is the most sincere, amazing Medium that I have come across. I have seen live well renowned Mediums like Lisa Williams and the like, however, Carin provides intimate readings which are so accurate. The information Carin shared with me no one could have known the details. Carin, thank you for making me a believer.”



“From the moment I meet Carin I felt at ease and like she new me. She sensed my family members that have passed and told me things that only someone that new me would know. She aloud me to ask questions and was spot on with specific aspect of my life. Carin has a gift and I think that if you need some clarity in your life she is wonderful.”



“If you are looking for someone to share messages from your loved ones who have passed, or needing some sort of guidance in any way, then I HIGHLY recommend using Carin Anderson. She knew things that only I knew about. I found her to be so helpful & I am truly grateful for her honesty with the gift she has 😀”


Hibicus CoasT

“I have always stated that you can see if someone has a 6th sense or is a genuine psychic as is “All in the eyes” – this can certainly be seen and felt from Carin. Carin is professional and has a non dramatic approach, her passion for helping people is evident. I felt safe that any personal information would be held in the utmost confidentiality & without any information from me coupled with a poker face, Carin certainly was very accurate. Highly recommended. Thanks Carin!”


new zealand

“I meet Carin for a Spiritual Medium Reading, I was a bit sceptical at first, but when Carin started telling me things about my family that she could of not of known, I started having faith in her. She told me things about my past, present and future. Also things about my family before I was born. It was great to know that my mum who passed away in March this year, was with my dad who passed away about 17 years ago.

We had over 1 hour together and in that time Carin told me things about my family which I didn’t know, e.g. Regarding a house fire, I said I didn’t know of any fires, but when I asked my sister, she said that before I was born, the old house nearly got burned down.

Carin also gave me advice regarding my family, one was about my sister and her head aches and blurred vision, again I didnt know about my sister having these effects, but sure enough when I asked her she said she did, so I told her to get an eye test done. I would love to meet Carin again and receive some more messages for me, from my loved ones, who I still miss very dearly .. thank you ever so much Carin for bringing the light back into my life.”