The cleansing was the most amazing experience and I felt a difference in the house immediately.

“I would like to say a very big heartfelt thanks to Carin for putting me at ease with the passing of my grandparents. They both passed away in 2010 within only a few months of each other and there were a lot of unanswered questions not just from me but from my family.

I firstly had a reading (my first one ever) and almost immediately Carin picked up on the address where we are now living. It just happened to be the house where my grandparents used to live. I already knew in my heart that my grandparents were there but then hearing it from Carin only reinforced that fact and I was able to put my mind at rest knowing that they are together again, happy and looking over us all.

After my reading I decided to ask Carin to perform a house cleansing of our property. When I was in the house I had this terrible feeling of being pulled down and had no energy. Everything felt very strange to me and I almost dreaded going home. The cleansing was the most amazing experience and I felt a difference in the house immediately. The house now feels so much lighter and I feel like I am my old self again! Carin also passed on messages from my grandparents and other members of the family which were great to hear.

Thanks again Carin, you have in a sense, given me my life back and you have such an amazing gift to share.”



Thank you so much for my Reading.

“My life is really starting to come together due to finally letting go of a lot of stuff which your words gave me strength and faith to do. Your reading was so accurate about the people in my life and how you knew about my special place out in West Auckland (Karekare waterfall) when I didn’t even mention it to you :).

Thanks again for your help.”



I recently had an Email Reading done by Spiritual Medium Carin Anderson, after finding her over the Internet.

“I would have loved to have seen her in person, but due to being overseas this wasn’t possible. I was both nervous and excited waiting for the email to arrive. When it did I was blown away by the accuracy of what was mentioned. She correctly referenced names and described people that I could match instantly. She also picked up things happening right now particularly with an emphasis of travel, which I do a lot, and with my energy levels, dreams and feelings of people around me.

The reading gave me a lot to think about and consider, of which I am grateful. I feel it has further given me direction at a time when I have been feeling a bit lost. It has also left me excited to things that may be coming to me in the future, and has left me with questions to find the answers to myself. I really recommend her, she is fantastic and such a lovely person and cares about her work.

I am going to arrange another appointment with her when I return to home shores thank you so much Carin. All the best, Zena”