Online Readings

Online Readings bring guidance to many peoples lives, in New Zealand, and in other countries around the world.

Online readings work in a way of direct communication with the spiritual world, and spirits will bring you guidance for your life. Once Carin submits your details to the spiritual world, spirits will connect with your energy, and then reference all sorts of information for your life.

For example this could include the:

  • Past, Present and Future

  • Information Regarding Marriage and Relationships

  • Love and Romance, or Just Finding That Special Someone

  • Health

  • Travel

  • Property

  • Business

Visions are also relayed at times, and whatever is important from a spirit/s, directly to you.

Spirits do not deal in time, they deal in thought, and what we think, so will connect with our thinking, and reference information that they feel  is important.

Spirits will bring you messages, for our own spiritual growth, they will reference information for your loved ones and family members, in this life, as well as as friends, if they choose too. They will pick up the energy of a property, and advise, even if you are buying or selling a property too.

Spirit will bring you guidance, as well as reconnecting with loved ones, if they choose too. It is the special connections that spirits bring us, that makes a huge difference to our lives.

Join Carin for an online reading, for your life, even if you are in another part of the country, online readings are a great way of spiritually connecting with you, from the spiritual world.

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I was a little skeptical about the whole thing

“I was a little skeptical about the whole thing, but as I got my online reading from Carin I couldn’t believe all the details she got about my life. All the names and figures… I’m from overseas but she got the right names of my relatives (non English names). Unbelievable! First it freaked me out completely but then I realised that it is a good thing and we should appreciate the advice coming from the spirits who are trying to guide and help us. I’m so looking forward to doing a private sitting with Carin. She is a lovely lady with a great gift. All the best.”

- MD, Auckland





Private Readings

Private Readings, Bring guidance to many peoples lives.

Reconnecting with your loved ones, family and friends, and making that special connection, knowing they are happy and at peace, on the other side,  is important. Private readings bring direct communication from the spirit world to you, bringing you  special messages for your lives today. Spirit will connect with your energy and referenced information they feel is important for each one of you.

Private sittings focus on many different areas of peoples lives, for example;

  • Love

  • Marriage

  • Relationships

  • Friendships

  • Health

  • Family

  • Finances

  • Business, etc.

Spirits come through, to guide us in this life and let us know they watch over us everyday, knowing we are not alone. Spirits will reference at times detailed information for our lives, our futures, and what is important for our lives. Spirits want us to know they are with us. Spirits will bring us guidance everyday, for our own lives.

Private sittings bring your loved ones comfort too, as well as each individual person, knowing you are thinking of them and reconnection with them, on the other side.

Appointments are now being taking for Auckland venues, and also other city locations around New Zealand.

Check upcoming Events, the Schedule, Enquire about your City, or Book your Private Sitting.

Group Readings

A group reading is a fun way to connect with the spiritual worlD.

A lot of people have group readings for special events. Ie: Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Hens Doos, Christmas Parties, Coffee Groups. Family Groups, Mothers Groups, and Special Celebrations.

Group Readings bring an array of information to individuals that attend these events, the information shared from the spirit world, amongst everyone, is enlightening, as well as powerful for each individual.

Spirits will choose randomly who they read for at these events and will connect with that person. Special messages which bring many people Love, Laughter and Peace, make these Group Readings very special.

Connecting with your loved ones and wanting special answers and guidance in your lives, makes these group readings a fun and popular event for all.

A Group Reading can vary in cost due to your own specific requirements.

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There were Six of us in the Group and each person got told something about their future.

“I couldn’t wait for a group reading. Carin let us bring photos of our passed loved ones which was great, there were several of us and each person got told something about their future, and connections were made from each loved one, it was special. I had both Mum & Dad (in-laws) make a connection.

Mum passed over before Dad, and it was really good to know that they are together, and that she was waiting for him. Carin told me a few things that nobody in the group knew, one of them being, where dad had asked “where is dunno fish” my son has left home under a cloud, and his grandfather had nick named him dunno fish, which meant “I don’t want any fish”. No one knew that, as well as being told about land that we are going build on, and few hiccups that will happen.

Carin brought tears to my eyes when my Dad said that his mind is not mixed up now, he is fine, he had suffered from a mental illness. I was also told that they are both around me, and my family, which makes me feel really happy. I really do recommend Carin to anyone who needs to know things that will ease their mind.

Thanks Carin my heart is not as heavy as it was.” - Anna, Auckland, NZ.

International Readings

International Readings World Wide, make a big difference to peoples live.

International Readings Worldwide, make a big difference to peoples lives, as if they were having a private sitting, face to face, these readings are direct, detailed and straight to the point. Spirits will bring through information that is important for peoples lives, from their past, present and future, giving people more direction and guidance in there lives today.

Spirits will bring through all sorts of information. For example:

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Marriage

  • Travel

  • Business

  • Property

  • Family, and/or Children etc

Spirits will also bring through guidance and spirit world communication related to past family members or friends, loved ones and people that made a difference in their lives. These are very beneficial to a lot of people traveling alone as well, as it brings a sense of peace knowing there loved ones are watching over them.

These also help a lot of people that need to make quick decisions while living overseas urgently, and getting the guidance they need, related to specific situations in their lives. It gives them peace and guidance in their busy lives, knowing spirits can tune into their energy and help them.

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Spiritual Health Chart

Spiritual Health Charts are a Spiritual View of a Persons Health.

Spirit will go through the outside energy area of the body and pick up certain energy areas that are blocked and uneven. Spirit will reference all these areas, and bring through certain affirmations and information to remove them.

This is completed over a certain time frame that spirits again indicate for each individual. A Spiritual Health Chart brings about a feeling of change within each individual where they are more focused, more at peace, there energy is lifted, and blockages are removed through spirits guiding words. They help a lot of people, giving people a new lease on life, where the blockages are removed, and their energy levels and health are a lot better.

Other people soon notice a difference and comment, that there is a shift in the persons energy, where it is more positive and focused than it used to be. To know spirits bring us much guidance in our lives, this is another way for our health to get back on track, to feel better than we did before.

It is Spirit’s way of giving us a spiritual overhaul of our health, that makes a difference.

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Property Cleansing

Property Cleansing Removes the Uneven and Negative Energy.

Property Cleansing removes the uneven and negative energy of a property, where there are spirit/s energy that are blocked, trapped and unable to leave. Uneven and negative energy can also be related to the amount of foot traffic that has come and gone over the years, and what people leave behind, it is like a spiritual residue that builds up over the years, and then affects the energy of the home.

The buying and selling of properties is the same, when buying a home, property cleansing is important to remove any uneven energy that’s there. If it is not removed it could affect the energy of the person or persons, who live in the property, over and over again. For people selling their properties it is also important to remove the uneven and old energy, as at times it does affect the sales of properties.

Business and land areas also are the same, where businesses are affected by negative energy that has built up over many years,  which in turn results in poor sales of the businesses. Negative energy can also build up from neighbouring businesses and properties, and this will have a major affect also.

Properties Cleansing makes a huge difference to the energy of properties and businesses, where the energy is changed, properties sell and increase in value through spirits work. The old energy is removed and replaced with uplifting positive energy that feels great.

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Missing Persons Help

There have been many stories, and here are a couple.


Several people approached me to see if I could locate two men that had gone missing, the information that was supplied from spirit, helped in locating where I had described their whereabouts. Situated in the Lower North Island of New Zealand, in an area of bush that was seen in a vision, pin pointing their exact locations, within the area of Bush. This was carried out over two days. It brought peace to the families knowing thir loved ones were finally found.


I was approached by several people to do a missing persons case several years ago, and with more and more enquires about it, decided I would help. The following is a detailed reading account of what took place, and the focus to find Sara (name changed). We were in totally different parts of New Zealand, I had a photo and a name that was all. For 3 days, work was carried out on the whereabouts of Sara. There were many messages and detailed information, relating to circumstances that took place. I was shown a vision of Sara with an elderly man, they both had there backs to me, walking away together holding hands.

When I saw that I knew she had crossed over and was not here anymore. I was then shown a gravel road that was winding up a hill. I went slowly up the road, to the left was farm land and cows, lots of cows, I scanned this carefully for anything else that I could write down, that stood out. But there was only cows and farmland.

In the distance I saw a sign post, and thought I would be able to read the name on the sign, as I got closer to it, I saw it was blank. At that point, seeing that blank sign, was an indication that I go down the road on the right where the sign was pointing. I went 6 kms down the road, then stopped, as I did not want to go any further, there was no one around, there were reeds and a duck shooters hut, and I felt Sara was lying down the side of the bank. I did not want to go anywhere else within the vicinity.

Everything I saw was noted. I selected all the important information from the work and sent it to the authorities to look at.

The next day, the NZ herald headlines read: MISSING GIRL FOUND

The whole front page of the herald was pictured, farmland and cows, in the detailed information it described the area, gravel road, travelling 6km down this gravel road on the right hand side, and locating Sara, and that she was found down the side of the bank.

It was very sad and emotional, knowing she had finally been found, and that her family finally had closure too. It is a story I will never forget. - Carin Anderson – Your Spiritual Medium

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